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Digital Radiography and Digital X-RayRichmond, TX

Well maintained, traditional x-ray machines provide effects similar to a few hours in the sun. The patients at the office of Tamara S. Osina, D.D.S. Dr. Osina experience less radiation exposure, through the use of digital radiography. This newer technology reduces radiation exposure by 90% in relation to conventional x-ray machines. We still take necessary precautions, using lead lined aprons so patients are completely safe. Our digital x-ray machines provide valuable advantages to our patients and the environment.

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Digital Radiography for More Efficient Treatments

In addition to the fact that digital radiography greatly reduces radiation exposure, it also improves the patient’s experience in the dental clinic office. Digital x-rays provide instant feedback which makes treatment time for root canal therapy and implant placement shorter. Digital x-rays do not go through a chemical development process, thus eliminating development time. They are instantly available for viewing to move the treatment process along.

Environmental Advantages of Digital X-Rays

Environmental waste from radiographs is eliminated with digital x-rays. Since chemical solutions are not used and traditional film is not part of the equation, those components pose no burden on the environment. The plastic casing for the film along with the lead lining are not part of the digital x-ray process. Digital radiography is a much cleaner, safer way to investigate happenings within the jaw bones and tooth structure.

In an effort to provide our residents in Stafford, Richmond, and Houston, Texas with cutting edge technology for the best possible experience in dentistry, digital radiography is a staple for Dr. Osina. For safer, more efficient dental work, experience the difference digital x-rays can make. You will also be glad to know that your dental experience will not have a detrimental effect on the environment.

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